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Are you looking for commercial mortgage loans in Los Angeles? The Mayster Group is standing by to provide you with the commercial real estate loans you need to buy your next property. As one of the best commercial mortgage lenders in the area, we pride ourselves on helping you find the ideal commercial real estate mortgage to fit within your budget and allow you to buy the property you need to run a successful business.

When it comes to commercial real estate lending, you need a company you can trust to guide you through the process. You’ll get the high-quality service you need with us, whether you need multi-family mortgage lenders, SBA loan lenders, equipment leasing, or other mortgage lending options in Los Angeles. We are the top multi-family mortgage lenders and SBA loan lenders in the area, helping you find the best multi-family home loan or other commercial real estate loan.  

The Mayster Group is the Best Commercial Real Estate and Multi-Family Loans Lender in Los Angeles

When you need a commercial real estate loan, you likely have many questions. At The Mayster Group — Los Angeles, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for to ensure you make an informed decision for your lending needs. The Mayster Group offers commercial real estate & multi-family loans, giving you access to the best rates and terms to make your business venture as successful as possible. Many customers come to us with the following questions:

  • What do commercial mortgage lenders look for? The most critical element of getting approved for a commercial loan is the collateral of the property you want to buy. We will also consider your creditworthiness, financial statements and tax returns, loan-to-value ratios, and debt-service coverage ratios.
  • How do you get a loan for a commercial property? To qualify for a commercial property loan, your business must occupy at least 51 percent of the property. However, you may have other options if you occupy a lower percentage. Your lenders will guide you through this process.
  • How do you qualify for a commercial/multi-family loan? Commercial/multi-family loans apply to properties that will house multiple families or businesses. Our lenders will evaluate the income potential for the property to help you qualify for this type of loan, along with your creditworthiness, loan-to-value ratios, and more.
  • Does everyone get approved for an SBA loan? Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify for an SBA loan. These loans only apply to individuals with a strong credit score of 600 or more. A lack of sufficient collateral or assets, not enough cash flow, or too much outstanding debt can also disqualify you.
  • What qualifies as a multi-family loan? A multi-family loan is a mortgage on a property that houses more than one family, such as a duplex, apartment building, or other similar property.


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